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What is Burnal Equinox?

The midpoint between burns, the Burnal Equinox, is one of New York's Official Regional Events. This event keeps the Burning Man Spirit thriving during the cold winter months. Join us as we gather to celebrate art, music, performance art, and our community. Costumes are encouraged!

Visit the BURNAL EQUINOX WNY event page on Facebook or email BurnalEquinoxWNY@gmail.com

Burnal Equinox WNY FB Page

For more information, check out the sections below.

)'( Welcome to Burnal Equinox!!!! )'(
This is an Official Sanctioned Regional Burn. While the Burning Man organization has no involvement with the actual production of this event, the event will follow the tenets provided by (y)our Community of the 10 Principles. Read more about those by clicking here.

What is Western Burnal Equinox?
This depends totally on you, the participant! What do you want from the night? What do you think (y)our community wants? How can you contribute?
What we are creating is a canvas for you to build upon. We do our best to keep your options unrestricted. We are required to follow all Federal, State, and local laws, but beyond that you are free to be and create the person you are or have always wanted to be. You are encouraged to create and display art that means something to you.

We are encouraging EVERY SINGLE PARTICIPANT to volunteer. There are many opportunities to volunteer, as an all-volunteer group helps facilitate the event and increase ownership and participation. There are plenty of ways to contribute to the event and the experience that Burnal Equinox is.
(volunteer here)

Venue Information
Burnal Equinox will be held at The Avolon ROC.
470 State Street, Rochester NY 14608
Avalon Roc is an amazing venue in the High Falls District of Rochester.

Everyone participating in Burnal Equinox will need a ticket.
Presale $25.00. Door tickets are $35.00 (CASH ONLY)
No Minors allowed, 18+ Only

Art and Grants
Art is a big part of every Burningman event. We allocate most of our budget to the venue cost and ART Grants. IF uou have art you'd like to to bring to Burnal EQuinox,just complete the ART Application. We need to know about your art even if youdon't want or need a grant for it. placement is very important in our limited space venue.
Art Placement / Grant Application

Leave No Trace
This is an Official Sanctioned Event and as such, please be mindful of the 10 Principles. If you see someone leaving a trace, be a good Burner and remind them to pick up after themselves. This isn't just a party. This is a chance to reconnect the energies and feelings of the playa and prepare for the coming year. Make this event special for everyone, including our hosts and their neighbors.
Thank you for bringing the spirit of BRC back to Western New York and reliving the community connection that makes the ROC Burner Community magical.

As with all other Official Regional Events, an after-event report must be prepared. While few of us enjoy pushing paperwork, it is the committee's responsibility to provide this information to not only the BMOrg, but the community as well.
You can check out all our After-Burn reports on the Cosmic FAQ page.

About Us

We are an experimental community who practice the 10 Principles of Burning Man

Burnal Equinox Director

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Contact Information

E-mail: BurnalEquinoxWNY@gmail.com